1. About

iCOMIC is a user-friendly pipeline to analyze genomic data that takes in raw sequencing data in FASTQ format as an input, and finally outputs insightful statistics on it’s nature. iCOMIC toolkit is capable of analyzing both Whole Genome and transcriptome data and is embedded in ‘Snakemake’, a workflow management system. iCOMIC is characterized by a user-friendly GUI built using PyQt5 which increases its ease of access. The toolkit features many independent core workflows in both whole genomic and transcriptomic data analysis pipelines.

1.1 Major features

  • Serves as a stand-alone end to end analysis toolkit for DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq data
  • Contains machine learning tools cTaG and NBDriver developed in-house
  • Characterized by an interactive and user friendly GUI, specifically built to accommodate users with minimal programming expertise
  • Provides expert bioinformaticians a platform to perform analysis incorporating advanced parameters, saving time on building a pipeline
  • Consists of multiple flexible workflows
  • Users freedom to select tools from the predesigned combinations best suited for their requirements
  • Easy installation of tools and dependencies